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17th October 2023 

CREATE Global e-Academy Launch Event at St John Innovation Centre in Cambridge

The 15th of September 2023 marked the launch of the CREATE Global e-Academy at the St John Innovation Centre in Cambridge. This event introduced an exciting platform for online education in the field of nutrition. With the launch of the E-Academy, NNEdPro is making nutrition education accessible to a global audience, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration in the digital age.


During the launch, members of the Modality partnership were awarded recognition certificates; Dr Vijaykumar, the National Research Lead for Modality Partnership, attended the launch event and shared on the impactful partnership between Modality and NNEdPro that continues to promote nutrition education for healthcare professionals.

CREATE was launched with 22 Affiliate Members, 7 Associate Members, 12 Professional Members and 15 Fellows.

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