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The Global Leadership Academy of Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise (CREATE) is a forward-thinking initiative that aims to make a real difference by harnessing transferrable skills to develop transformational leadership spanning multiple sectors, including health, education, research and social entrepreneurship.

Our membership represents a valuable opportunity for benchmarking as well as continuing professional development for anyone interested in applying transformative leadership principles to the work and/or development portfolio. Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or simply someone who cares about these issues, CREATE has something to offer. Additionally, three training areas which are particularly relevant, include Wellbeing Innovation at WorkValues in Selfcare for Leadership and Transformational Leadership Skills. Workplace wellbeing has gained increasing relevance for leaders as many workers are facing potential burnout after the pandemic and its associated challenges.

By leveraging over a decade and a half of experience in developing transferrable skills around transformative leadership by its founding organisation, the NNEdPro Global Institute, the CREATE Global Leadership Academy is well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to your career path as an aspiring or established leader across one or more of the domains of education, research and health. 

Membership benefits

With a Mentoring Scheme with experts in the field, Regular Webinars, Discount on Courses and Training as well as Post-Nominals you will be equipped with everything you need to take your career to the next level.

Courses and training

Discounted access to online and face-to-face training on Research Skills for Clinicians, Wellbeing Innovation at Work, and Leadership Skills and Career Development.

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