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Wellbeing Innovation at Work 
+ Food, Mood, Mind and Movement Training

This initiative launched in Autumn 2018 is linked with the agenda around occupational wellbeing and workplace productivity but will also consider non-nutritional determinants of occupational health and wellbeing. WInWIn arose from the NNEdPro Medical Director role as Scientific Committee Chair within the International Commission on Occupational Health. Since 2021 a wider team has been brought together to specifically address new and emerging corporate training needs arising from the pandemic.



  • Commissioned by UK Research and Innovation to run training across entire staff in food, mood, mind, and movement: core and extended modules (2021)​

  • Invited by the University of Cambridge to run a workshop on wellbeing for the academic workplace for all staff and students in the July ‘Festival of Wellbeing’ (2021)

  • Partnered with the International Academy of Nutrition Educators to run an interlinked webinar and journal club on wellbeing insights and innovation as part of the June IANE CPD programme (2021)

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