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Values in Selfcare for Leadership

Values in Selfcare for Leadership
Values in Selfcare for Leadership

Time & Location

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About the event


We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to an enriching opportunity to delve into the essence of self-care and leadership through our upcoming 'Values in Selfcare for Leadership' Project.


The 'Values for Selfcare' initiative is a modular development programme for professionals across all sectors. This unique programme is built around experiential exercises, reflection, and self-enquiry, enabling participants to uncover and align with their core values. It seeks to rejuvenate personal and professional spheres, fostering a more profound sense of purpose and well-being.


Our objective is to effectively navigate the application of core values in leadership and personal development. Through this programme, participants will:

- Reconnect with the values that inspired their career beginnings.

- Infuse their current practices with renewed energy and insight.

- Guide others in rediscovering their values via structured activities and meditations.


- To support well-being through monthly self-leadership sessions.

- To promote a holistic approach to health and lifestyle management among staff.


- Nirmala Ragbir-Day –

- Sumantra (Shumone) Ray -


We will embark on a series of seven 90-minute courses, each designed to cultivate leadership values through soft skills, interactive practices, and exploring seven spiritual tools to enhance health and well-being. You can register for as many sessions as you like and invitations will be sent in due course.

Series Schedule

1. Rediscovering and Renewing My Inner Values - 24th May 2pm UK time

2. Enhancing Positive Interaction - 7th June 2pm UK time

3. Time Out to Refresh and De-stress - 21st June 2pm UK time

4. Unlocking Your Key to Compassion - 5th July 2pm UK time

5. Appreciating Your Contribution - 19th July 2pm UK time

6. Valuing Yourself: Exploring Self-Care and Self-Esteem - 9th August 2pm UK time

7. Developing Resilience: The Key to Self-Management - 16th August 2pm UK time

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